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What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates, e.g., monosaccharides such as dextrose or fructose or disaccharides such as lactose or sucrose, are all made up of three elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. 

They are present in all animal and plant cells and form an essential part of human nutrition.
Carbohydrates are first and foremost an important source of energy for all kind of cells, tissues  and organs especially muscles, brain and nerves.

What is dextrose?

Dextrose (also known as glucose) is a monosaccharide. Its metabolism plays an important role in many functions of the body.

One of the properties of monosaccharides is that they are present in an isolated form and therefore not combined with other forms of sugar. Because of this isolated form dextrose will be absorbed very quickly by the oral mucosa and particularly by the small intestine where it goes directly into the bloodstream. This time-saving and therefore fast metabolism is possible because there is no need of breaking down dextrose by digestive enzymes. Hence, dextrose is made available to the cells very quickly.

intact Dextrose

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