New look: intact shines in new splendour. The focus is drawn on a modern design as well as a striking brand logo.

Logo revision:
A new tagline is added
“…und der Tag lacht!”

Relaunch:  Both the logo
and packaging receive a makeover.

Revision of the logo and packaging: 
Large images of fruit adorn the packaging from this point onwards.

The colourful wrappers are introduced. Together with the twisted ends they constitute the signature features of intact dextrose that still are the main features  to date.

Launch of the intact brand name.

For the first time inform is wrapped with twisted ends. The “twist” becomes the signature feature of our dextrose candies.

The former chemical Society is founded in Münster, Germany, as a subsidiary of the Molkerei-Zentrale Westfalen-Lippe e.G.