First Aid Care of Hypoglycaemia!

We would like to introduce to you the new intact Expert range: Dextrose, Mental und Multi. With its easy opening flip top, good product protection and the handy tube you can take it anywhere and react quick  if needed. 


Dextrose for a low blood sugar

Which diabetic would not know the difficulties with a hypoglycaemie? You are on the way or at home and your blood sugar starts to decrease. With intact Expert Dextrose you will always have something on you! The new flip top enables an easy opening of the tube and because the 8 tablets are not individually wrapped as it mostly is, you can directly take them. Furthermore the small and handy packaging offers a good product protection which is the perfect support for the road.

Contents: 8 tablets = 45,6 g = 5 g carbs per tablet


Dextrose with vitamins for your mental performance

Dextrose for a health-conscious nutrition. With Vitamin B6 and B12 it will support you in your daily tasks like learning, concentrate at work or just completing a crossword puzzle. Also pantothenic acid and zinc will support you with your cognitive functions. Perfectly made for any bag or at home – the small tube gives you plenty of options. With a tasty cassis flavour. 

Contents: 12 tablets = 42 g = 3 g carbs per tablet


Dextrose with 13 vitamins

Dextrose for a health-conscious nutrition. With its fresh tropic flavour and many different vitamins you can on the one hand have a quick snack and on the other support your normal body functions like the immune system, bones, muscles, heart and so on. 

Contents: 12 tablets = 42 g = 3 g carbs per tablet